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Based within our host institute, Dublin City University (DCU), the Fraunhofer Project Centre for Embedded Bioanalytical Systems (FPC@DCU) is a German-Irish Research Collaboration between the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (Fraunhofer IPT, Aachen, Germany) and Dublin City University (DCU).

Our centre designs, develops and manufactures microfluidic devices for Point-of-Care devices. These diagnostic technologies can be used “on location” at the “point-of-need” using miniaturised test systems to carry out a wide array of diagnostic tests. 







Our centre’s core platform has traditionally been centrifugal lab-on-a-disc systems. Using pump-free centrifugal forces, our devices have no need for external pumping systems. However, our centre is much more than just “lab-on-a-disc”. We have particular expertise in:

  • In-line biopharmaceutical microfluidic Process Analysis Technologies (µPAT) for upstream and downstream process development

  • “Off-the-shelf” technologies for single cell isolation and manipulation

  •  Shear-free cell capture and organoid fabrication. 

Expertise in non-conventional manufacturing processes allows us to create highly innovative microfluidic systems at previously unscalable volumes. Precision automated chip assembly, Sensor Integration on-disc, and custom reader design and manufacture is why you should talk to us when designing or scaling your microfluidic solution.



Our technologies are used in manufacturing facilities (to better optimise drug and cell technology manufacturing or diagnose quality issues), or used in R&D processes to better understand existing or emerging diseases, offering new therapeutic approaches in Lifesciences. FPC@DCU is a 1-STOP-SHOP for microfluidics technology design and commercialisation forindustry-driven innovations.

Our team can support early bioanalytic concept creation (with our highly inter-disciplinary team of Bioengineers, Chemical, and Bioanalytical Scientists) and can develop these early technologies into production-scale devices. We have off-the-shelf solutions for biochemical and surface functionalisation, nucleic acid sample preparation, cell handling and fluid mixing/particle sorting. Our applications extend well beyond the lifesciences market.



While our best innovations are kept “close to our chests”, we do have a list of recent publications that describe the microfluidic technologies underpinning our centre. However, talk to use directly about how our in-house know-how and previous commercially-sensitive experience can help you design and market your next product.


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