Our centre’s core platform has traditionally been centrifugal lab-on-a-disc systems. The use of centrifugal forces, coupled with portable “point-of-need” analysis systems, offer huge advantages in terms of automation, simplicity of use, and low costs. The centrifugal disc approach is low cost (as simple portable DVD disc reader systems) and easy to scale up. Our innovative valve control IP allows complete automation of sample and reagent handling and storage, minimise user errors and false readouts. This means that highly complex assays can be easily and robustly combined on-disc, analogous to the multiplexed power of an electronic integrated circuit.

Our partner institute, The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT), gives us the tools to scale our technologies for all small to medium scale applications. Expertise in non-conventional manufacturing processes within ultra-precision plastics manufacturing and replication allows our centre to create highly innovative microfluidic systems at previously unscalable volumes. Precision Assembly and Automation, coupled with Injection Molding and Roll to Roll Production, Sensor Integration on-disc, and custom reader systems design and manufacture are all part of our offering.

Lab on Disc

  • Pulse-free inertial liquid propulsion allows closed fluidic systems free from external connectors

  • Sterile, sealed, support aqueous reagent storage “on disc”

  • Processed volumes are easily scalable from microliters to millilitres

  • High fidelity fluid titrering /metering

  • Surface forces can be adjusted by rotation i.e. even for very small volumes, surface forces may easily be overcome enabling efficient separation of nanoliter volumes and the removal of bubbles


Automated pick and plan assembly line

Automated and scaleable manufacture of microfluidic device incorporating on-disc operations currently impossible to mass manufacture using injection molding 

Precision assembly that is highly repeatable and easily scaleable and incorporated within your existing fabrication process


Lab in a Trench

  • Shear free cell capture

  • Single cell isolation and screening

  • Biosensing applications

  • Process optimisation “real time” measurements

  • Cell sorting/enrichment

  • High throughput applications


V-Cup Single Cell Isolation

Optical tweezers enable non contact cell/particle manipulation


Microfluidic Sorting System

  • Cells, exosomes and small particles

  • Count sorted samples via real time imaging

  • Dispensing capability to well plates


Microassembly Fabrication 

  • Automated “Pick & Place”

  • Advanced in-line feature detection

  • High fidelity Target camera

    • Disc orientation detection 0.24 degrees

  • Feature detection on disc for fine alignment

    • Lateral/Rotational accuracy 0.020 mm/0.014 degrees.



  • Ultraprecision milling machine <10µm

  • Surface modification (laser ablation and lithography)


Replication Technologies

  • Hot embossing

  • Injection moulding

High-Precision Optical Surface Metrology